Breast Cancer "Awareness" isn't enough!

As we are now into October, which as most of you know is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month."  You will, for the next 30 days be bombarded with super random items, that are now pink...and "support breast cancer awareness".  

Let's be honest...we are aware of breast cancer...but being aware is simply not enough.  There are millions of women in our great country, who do not have access to affordable health care, and for some, after finding a lump in their breast, can not wait 3 weeks for an appointment to see a doctor.  

There is a non profit organization here in Houston called The Rose, they provide medical breast services for women in a prompt, affordable, timely manner.  Their ability to deliver devastating news, while still being sensitive to the patient, creates an atmosphere of love, and support.  Their door is open for all women, those with/without insurance, all cultures and religions are welcome..and the staff truly make you feel welcome.  

We are living in a time where we are more social than ever (according to facebook..instagram) but yet we are so disconnected at the same time.  I challenge you this not get caught up in the awareness hype...but to truly become aware of the women around you...the women in your life...especially those who are struggling with a new diagnosis, or a past diagnosis.  Get involved on an interpersonal level...donate time/money/resources to a place that is truly making a difference.  

For more information about The Rose, or to donate directly,

Please visit their website  

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