About Us


Hey there!  My name is Allison and I am the owner/designer of DK Design Headwear.   I used to work at a boutique that specialized in products for women going through cancer treatment.  I was a breast prosthesis fitter.  I worked everyday with women who were in various stages of their journey.  At this boutique we carried a ton of different "cancer headwear".  Most of it was very stale looking, dull colors, the typical "chemo" cap style, and to be honest when the women would look at our selection they typically bought products out of necessity, not because they loved it.  

Not only was the headwear outdated, it was poorly made and EXPENSIVE.  As a former personal stylist with a love for fashion and fabrics I knew there had to be a way to combine fashion, function, and affordability for women. This is how DK Design Headwear started.  

The name DK Design Headwear is in honor of my accessory-loving Grandmother,  Dolores Kroes, who passed away in 2016.  She was fearless in her fight against cancer and was always thinking of others, even in the most painful of times.  It is women like her, that inspire women like me, to be better people and to love our family first, and never underestimate the impact a kind gesture can make.  I am here to positively impact our world, and to spread her legacy of kindness and love along the way.  

Thank you for checking us out!  We hope that our products will add some sunshine to your wardrobe and your life! :)

                                                   Stay Fearless!  -Allison