How do I wrap my Turban?

You don't have to!  The great thing about DK Design Headwear Turbans is that you can literally put them on and go!  No wrapping, or tying required!  You even have options for which way you want to style our headwear.  Because we LOVE options!  

1. The band to the front.  This is the traditional and most popular way to style our headwear.  It gives you that popular turban look.  Easy to rock, just put it on and go!  You can pull the turban down on your forehead, or push it back a little bit depending on which look compliments your face shape the best!

2. Another way to style our turbans is by wearing the band to the side.  Some women who are experiencing hairloss like to mimic where their natural hair part used to be.  Either way you choose, still a fashionable look.

3. The next option would be to style it with the band in the back.  This gives you more of a beanie, or cap look.  

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how you style our headwear, any option that you choose has one thing in common...IT IS EASY.  Just throw it on and go! 

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