Reasons why you should wear a Turban.

1. Your hair hates you your hair who is boss. 

2. You are fighting a fierce battle in your body, and still need to look/feel fabulous. 

3. Your natural hair color is not what is currently on your head, the sun will fade your expensive dye job.  Turban has you covered. Literally. 

4. It is just more fun than not wearing one. 

5. When you wear a turban, people want to know more about your life. 

6. Maybe your kids won't recognize you with one on, and you get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

7. Bedhead has taken over your life. 

8. It gives you confidence, or at least makes you look like you have confidence. 

9. You automatically transform into a happier person when wearing one.  This is proven by science...lots of science. 

10. Celebrities wear them. 

11.  Your hair will not fall in your food, almost like a super trendy hairnet. 

12. If worn at the beach/pool it will make you look and feel like you should be in a movie.  Throw on some sunnies and people will think you are famous...and of course you will pretend that you are. 

13.  Turbans make everything better, this is also proven by more science. 

14. You can drive around with the top down, or the windows open without obstructing your vision, and/or your bald head will be protected from the elements. 

15.  Fashion is about having fun, turbans are fun, you are fun, but let's face it... you are more fun in a turban.

Happy Sunday!  And stay FEARLESS my friends!   **Allison

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